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Mona Lisa Saloy
Two national prizes in Poetry & tied for a third.

Red Beans & Ricely Yours: Poems

Winner of the

2005 T. S. Eliot Prize

These narrative poems celebrate the day-to-day lives of Black New Orleans and the rare magic in the culture. Drenched in local history and color, these poems have a Black sensibility that reaches beyond boundaries, with folk sayings turned into polished verse. From Black talk to verse forms, Mona Lisa Saloy never loses sight of the African American cultural roots of her community.

Mona Lisa Saloy captures the street idioms and culture of New Orleans that challenges the tourist misconceptions about that fabulous city. She succeeds where many performance poets have failed. These poems are music to the ear as well as on the page.

—Ishmael Reed, 2005 T. S. Eliot Prize judge

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New Orleans Poems

Mona Lisa Saloy

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Red Beans & Ricely Yours

Mona Lisa Saloy

Truman State University Press:

Black Nature, Four Centuries of African American Nature Poetry, edited by Camille Dungy
The center essay--"Disasters, Nature, and Poetry"-- in this collection is mine. Published by University of Georgia Press in December 2009, it won awards in California and is available from most booksellers or from Amazon.